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This Course is Designed For ALL Skill Levels, AGES, and Backgrounds. Learn How to Make MONEY in Any MARKET going UP or DOWN, Create CASH FLOW, and Build WEALTH!


The Real Life Trading

90 Days to Trade MasterClass


Registration Opens This Fall | Next MasterClass Starts 1/15/2024

Meeting Everyday M-F for 1 Hour at 6:00am CST or 7:00am EST for 90 Days

Includes $100K Funded Account + Live Recordings + Trading Plans

Our most in-depth, comprehensive trading course ever. This includes 90 days of live-interactive mentorship with 5 full-time professional traders from Real Life Trading. Here you will learn the foundational strategies, trading plans, and the tools needed to make consistent profits trading the stock market. Each participant will also be given access to a $100K funded account to make trades and real profits.

Included In The 90 Day MasterClass

Everything You Need to Become a Consistently Profitable Trader

  • Learn directly from 5 full-time professional traders with over 50+ years of combined experience.

  • Get Access to your very own $100K funded account to make trades and real profits without using any of your own money.

  • Real-time buy/sell/hold SMS alerts to follow along each and every one of our trades.

  • Live practice sessions/drills and strategies + get real-time feedback from our experts.

  • Access to a private slack group, all class recordings, and trading plans so you can learn at your own pace.

  • Expert 1:1 live zoom trading support on demand anytime you need it.

  • Access to an incredible community of RLT stock traders

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to make consistently profitable trades in any market using our detailed trading plans and strategies.

  • Understand Intro to backtrading, how to use daily checklists and why you need to journal trades.

  • Learn how to calculate risk, proper stop placement, when to exit and avoid losses.

  • Growth-focused practice to develop real scenario skills along with trading schedules, trade set-ups, and guides.

  • Volume, s curves, money management, entering and exiting a trade.

  • The psychology, discipline, and mindset needed to be a successful trader.

  • Become a candlestick expert and recognize trend changes.

  • Learn how we place trades, and assess risk management to avoid losses and increase profits.

Customer Success Stories

"I recommend this MasterClass to anyone who is a struggling trader and wants to become consistent and successful in the markets"

~ Agnes Szikora

"Thanks to the 90 Day MasterClass I have been able to develop a trading strategy that works for me and is already giving me profitable trades"

~ Diana Rodriguez

"This was the best investment in my stock trading career. It built my community and confidence in trading the stock market"

~ Jenna Griffith

"If you are wanting to become a consistently profitable trader I highly recommend taking this MasterClass"

~ Stephen Taylor

"The 90 Day Provided Me With Tools & Strategies That Help Me Develop My Trading Skills and Plan To Become a Consistently Profitable Trader "

~ Gina Morishige

"I Believe This Course Can Take Anyone New To Trading And Set Them On a Path To Success in 90 Days By Teaching Step By Step The Fundamentals of Trading"

~ Rae Humphreys

"With The 90 Day MasterClass I Learned How To Have The Life I Want, And Still Retire While Growing My Income"

~ Jonny Guarco

"I Went From Being Flat Broke To Living The Life of My Dreams By Applying These Simple Strategies I Learned"

~ Tony Pawlak

Expert Instructors To Guide You Every Step Of The Way!

LEARN from the BEST Educators in the TRADING Business with over 50+ years of combined experience in trading.

Jerremy Newsome

CEO of RLT, Professional

Stock Trader

Life changer, hugger, smiler, procurer of stock puns, mentor and the worlds best stock market guide, broadcasting from Tennessee.


CTO, Live Day/Swing

Trading Instructor

Former CEO of a SAAS company. Full time stock trader, entrepreneur, trading coach, and speaker broadcasting from Tennessee.


Live Day Trading


Full time stock trader, crypto enthusiast and fitness addict. Husband to a beautiful wife and father to a beautiful daughter. Broadcasting from Colorado.


Live Day Trading


Avid Golfer, Played College Football, Dog Lover, Credit Spread Trader, broadcasting from


Live Day Trading


Day Trader, DJ, Entrepreneur, Investor, and huge fan of "The Office", broadcasting from Pennsylvania.


Live Day Trading


Entrepreneur, trader and coach broadcasting from Connecticut.

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Traders of any account size will benefit...

I was lucky enough to stumble onto RLT about a year into trading on my own with regular losses. Starting with the immense amount of free educational material I started feeling more and more like this was something I could do and be consistently profitable. I then joined their 90 day master class and that took my confidence and education to a new level. The instructors are no nonsense, open to any and all questions, help answer questions even after the class is over and truly want everyone participating to be successful at whatever level they want to be at. My personal experience varied slightly, during this 90 day masterclass I was unfortunately laid off from my full time job and also found out my wife was pregnant with our first. After some initial panic at this situation, I slowly realized that my confidence in trading was growing and thanks to RLT I was able to make small but steady financial gains, enough to help out until I found a new job. Traders of any size account will benefit from joining this welcoming community.

─ RJ Peterson

─ Rated January 22, 2023

Exceeded all expectations...

Want to fund the life of your dreams? Go with RLT’s 90-Day Masterclass.From online classes to live trading rooms, Real Life Trading offers tons of exceptional education on the stock market, and most of it’s entirely free.In particular, their 90-Day Trading Masterclass really stands out, because, in my opinion, it’s one of the fastest, easiest, simplest, and most affordable ways to jump-start your trading career, increase cash flow, and pursue the life of your dreams.I’m a total beginner in the stock market, and I took a bunch of the self-paced, free classes on the RLT website, which were great. However, I also knew I needed more support if I were truly serious about using trading to create cash flow. Then, I got an email offering the 90-day class. It was exactly what I needed.Yes, it was going to cover a lot of the same technical information I had already learned in the self-paced courses, but it was also going to give me live classes every weekday, personal support, accountability, trading strategies and plans, feedback on trade setups, excellent instructors, an active community of like-minded people, AND the opportunity to audition for an $100k funded trading account.I signed up immediately, and the class exceeded all expectations. It was worth every penny.

─ Emily felsheim

─ Rated January 20, 2023

So glad to have found RLT...

At RLT, the quality of the educational content is stellar. It’s my go-to for educational resources to help me learn about different trading strategies and concepts from novice to advanced. Their YouTube library is very extensive and useful for entry, managing trades, to exit strategies, and trader psychology. I recently had the opportunity to go through a 90 Day Mentorship to help develop my skills as a consistent & profitable trader and learn from the highly experienced coaches/mentors who are part of the RLT community. I feel it’s taken me from a mediocre trader to a much more capable and well-rounded trader. I have so much more confidence and profit when trading. Furthermore, the RLT community of traders is amazing. Whenever I feel stuck or need some clarification on any certain trade, I can count on others within the community to provide me with answers and assistance. It’s an easy and safe place to ask questions and learn from others. Overall, I am so glad to have found RLT and very thankful for their support. I highly recommend this awesome community.

─ Matt Ringstad

─ Rated January 24, 2023

Wonderful community...

90 days to trade class was amazing! I came into the class knowing very little about trading. 90 days later, I left the class with so much knowledge, actual practice, experience AND an account to place trades with! The instructors genuinely care about each student and go above and beyond to make sure you understand each concept. I even received one on one help. This is a wonderful community of real life traders. I will miss this course and classmates. This is a financial must for everyone! Thank you RLT!!

─ Stephanie richeson

─ Rated January 22, 2023

Worth the investment...

Finding RLT has been a life changing experience for me. Jerremy and all moderators are awesome individuals with a giving heart willing to teach you and help you become a consistently profitable trader. RLT is committed to bringing abundance into your life if you work hard for it. All of the paid courses and mentorship groups provide valuable information and are worth the investment, specially the 90 Day Masterclass. I am fairly new to the trading world and I’m fully committed to learning all about it, it feels like a huge puzzle and RLT has all the pieces to put it together.

─ yovaris pardo

─ Rated January 25, 2023

Very supportive...

I recently completed a 90 day masters class with RLT.I came away with a clear plan and set of directions that as I follow, I make headway towards getting funded in a 100k account. Being thrifty, conservative, and an elder type I am proceeding slowly but surely towards getting funded. All the teachers were and are very supportive. I got my money’s worth and possibly much more coming my way. Thank you to RLT, its FREE educational courses, mentors, and of course the community of traders I trade with.

─ Tim Joseph

─ Rated January 22, 2023

But what if...

I don’t have enough money to get started in trading.

  • We will provide you with a $100K funded account you can use to place trades and make real profit.

I don’t know anything about the stock market or trading software.

  • We will teach you everything you need to know including 2-3 consistent strategies that consistently grow your portfolio.

I don't know what to do & NEED GUIDANCE.

  • We have coaches & training videos to support you. We provide a step-by-step process to reach your financial goals.

I am too busy. I don't know how I'm going to find the time to learn trading?

  • Do you think it would be valuable to spend the time to learn a new skill that will allow you to improve your life, create wealth, and positively impact those around you? You get to choose how you spend your time.

A $1,900 Bonus Included with this masterClass

Get immediate access to our most popular courses including Increase Your Net Worth, Backtrading Marathon, and our SnapBack MasterClass. You will also get a copy of our latest e-books including Retire on $3K, Money Grows On Trees, and What Entrepreneurs Teach Their Kids.


LEARN from the BEST Educators in the TRADING Business

1. Do we really get a $100K funded account included in this MasterClass and how does it work?

Yes, first you will get access to a demo account where you will practice your strategy entry and exits. Then the audition account is where you will prove that you can make $10K on a $100K account. Once you meet the $10K (without breaking a few rules) then you move onto the “Funded Account”  this is where you use real money to trade. At that point you will get 75% for every dollar you make in profit.  Our third party company will keep the 25% and you will get a 1099.

2. How long is this class, what is the class schedule?

We will meet together as a group on a live 1 hour interactive zoom call where you will be able to ask questions and chat with our experts at 6:00am CST or 7:00am EST, M-F for 90 days. If you are unable to make it to the live class, each class will be recorded and available for you to watch so you can work at your own pace.

3. How does the training work/how are the classes done?

Our live classes will meet for 1 hour on zoom as a group, at 6:00am CST or 7:00am EST, M-F for 90 days. Each class will be recorded so if you are unable to make it you can watch it on your own time. We will do live practice sessions, drills, and provide you with our trading plans, strategies, and real-time feedback on your trades from our experts.

4. Is this class for beginners or experienced traders?

This class is for all ages, experience levels, and backgrounds. Whether you have been trading for 5+ years or 1 day we will teach you everything you need to be a consistently profitable trader. Regardless if you have experience or have taken courses previously, we help everyone master specific skillsets that can be easily reproduced and implemented.

5. I have been trading for 1+ years with little to nothing to show for it. I have lost more money than I have gained. I am worried I may still fail after taking this course. How can I be sure this will help me?

We teach so that anyone from experts to people with no experience in the stock market or finance will be able to understand.  We even wrote a book introducing children (and parents) to the stock market and how to trade.  We also teach young adults ages 8+ so long know how to simplify the concepts.  So long as you know 3rd grade math, you will learn how to trade.

6. Do you record the classes? What happens if I miss one of the live sessions?

Joining our live sessions is entirely up to you. If you are unable to make it to the live class, each class will be recorded and available for you to watch so you can work at your own pace.

7. If I have specific questions or want someone to review my trades is that possible and how much help will I receive with this class?

Yes, we will have a team of expert traders at your disposal. This class will give you uninterrupted access to a group of full-time traders who will be readily available to answer any questions you may have. We also have a support team who will be available to you during this masterclass who can help you with everything from navigating the recordings and trading plans, to setting up your accounts and chart software.

8. How can I trust your company when there are so many scams out there? 

We pride ourselves with providing our customers with an incredible experience of support, trust, and communication. We as a company have been around for nearly a decade and have thousands of customer reviews. Take a look here:

9. Who will be teaching the classes?

We have a list of full-time traders on the 90 days to trade landing page who will be rotating in teaching the class. Every teacher is a full-time professional trader who has been vetted by Real Life Trading. Yes the legendary Jerremy Newsome and Matt Delong will also be teaching the classes.

10. I still have questions about this course, who can I speak with to learn more about if this course is right for me?

You can schedule a zoom call with Marta from our connections team and she will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this masterclass.

The MasterClass Details

Week 1-(Oct 3-7)

INTRO + Expectations Intro to candlesticks, day trading vs swing trading (DJ + JN + SK + XR), money management concepts, 3 parts to strategy: entry, exit/win,exit/loss, risk management, R sizing & intro to trading plans.

Week 2-(Oct 10-14)

Demo account + order entry + order types, sample slides for order types, technical analysis & market sentiment, intro to backtrading in tradingview, daily checklists & journaling trades, backtrading practice & journal back trades.

Week 1-(Oct 3-7)

INTRO + Expectations Intro to candlesticks, day trading vs swing trading (DJ + JN + SK + XR), money management concepts, 3 parts to strategy: entry, exit/win,exit/loss, risk management, R sizing & intro to trading plans.

Week 2-(Oct 10-14)

Demo account + order entry + order types, sample slides for order types, technical analysis & market sentiment, intro to backtrading in tradingview, daily checklists & journaling trades, backtrading practice & journal back trades.

Week 3-(Oct 17-21)

Order entry practice & becoming a CPT (Consistent Profitable Trader), review 10 EMA 30/min TSLA + BTC strategy, paper trade 10 EMA 30 /min TSLA + BTC strategy LIVE, 1- EMA 30/min TSLA + BTC strategy intro & written plan.

Week 4-(Oct 24-28)

Backtrade 10 EMA 30/min TSLA+BTC strategy

Week 5-(Oct 31-Nov 4)

Intro 15/min ROKU strategy & written plan w/ alerts, review 15/min ROKU strategy, mindset and fear discussion, paper trade 15/min ROKU strategy LIVE.

Week 6-(Nov 7-11)

Trade 15/min ROKU strategy LIVE and during market hours, practice our ROKU strategy during the market open, practice ROKU trading system LIVE, implement our ROKU trading system LIVE.

Week 7-(Nov 14-18)

S-curve, candle sentiment & volume back trading part 1, 2, and 3.

Week 8-(Nov 21 -25)

Calculating risk time DRILLS, order entry DRILLS, moving stops + target DRILLS, analyzing trend DRILLS.

Week 9-(Nov 21 -25)

Calculating risk time DRILLS, order entry DRILLS, moving stops + target DRILLS, analyzing trend DRILLS.

Weeks 10-12(Dec 5-23)

Trade strategy 1+2 and review trades