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  • How the markets move (price action) - Everyone learns strategies but they have no idea how to apply them. You could have the best bull strategy, but if you do it in a bear market you will lose every time. 

  • Identify Trends - How to identify trends, understand when that trend is broken, and how you can apply this knowledge to make money in the markets using any strategy that you want.

  • When to exit a trade - After you're in a trade most people have no idea when to take profits or when to get out. So they react with emotions and leave money on the table, or lose too much because they hoped it would turn around. You will learn exactly when the trade is no longer working, and where you should be looking to get out and take the win!

  • Read Charts Like A Boss - you will be able to look at a chart and right away have an idea of where its about to go and know exactly what to do if your wrong (hint: make money even if you are wrong)

  • And much more!

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  • Host: Tony Pawlak

Full-time trader averaging 180-400% ROI year after year using Credit Spreads


And Start utilizing The "Secret" Methods & Tools I've Been Using To Consistently Hit 80% to 85% win rates

  • Making Money With Credit Spreads: We'll show you how Tony trades credit spreads to create consistent income, and how you can do the same.

  • Credit Spreads For Dummies: Get a quick and easy to digest explanation of how credit spreads work & how to get started.

  • Secrets To Finding New Trades: Ever wonder how professional traders know what trades to place and look out for? We spill the secret beans in this webinar!

  • When To Buy & When To Sell: The #1 mistake beginner (and even some advanced) traders make is buying high and selling low. We show you the methods we personally use to know when to buy and sell!

  • Tools, "hacks" & Resources: Stay one step ahead of other traders with our personal list of tools, suites, resources and "hacks" we use to place consistent winning trades.

  • Turn Your First $500 Into Profit: Here's your chance to get the secret formula's professional traders use to hit 80% to 85% win rates for consistent income. No Experience Needed. Easily Place Trades While You're At Work!

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Intro To Price Action & S-Curves
For Beginner & Advanced Traders

Anyone who wants to trade can be successful if they know how to play the markets with the right tools & resources.

But who am I to tell you what you need?

In case you don't already know me, my name is Tony Pawlak and I have been averaging 180 - 400% returns annually trading the S-Curve by following 2 foundational principles.


You see before I discovered this very unique credit spread strategy I had was ten's of thousands of dollars in the whole.

My story is typical of what I see from most traders who try to go it alone. Yes I made some good money but I also had some big losses and couldn’t rely on my trading for consistent income.

I didn’t follow all four principles to success. As a result?

I lost millions. To be frank, I lost every penny…

Then about 4 years ago, my full time job reached a breaking point. I was burnt out working 60 plus hours a week in a trucking company and felt like I wasn’t really living life...I was a slave to the company BUT it was the greatest blessing of my life because, out of necessity came innovation that changed everything. I was in survival mode and from that desperation, I learned how to create consistent income.

It really boiled down to these 2 foundational pillars

Foundational Pillar Number 1:

A very specific trading plan -- That means having both a strategy and a detailed set of rules to implement the strategy.

Foundational Pillar Number 2:

The discipline to stick to that plan on trade after trade after trade regardless of what my emotions were “telling me”.

The devil is in the details. But inevitably when my more experienced traders hear those two imperatives they’ll say “Oh I already have that in place.”

And I always ask, “then why are you coming to me?”

And I get answers like, “We’ll because I’m just not seeing consistent results” or “I lose about half of what I win every month so I just need some fine tuning.”

The reality of it is, anyone can throw a dart and win some trades. In fact, if you blindfolded yourself and placed random trades, statistically you should win 50% of the time. Which means you’ll have winning streaks and will grow your account but you’ll also have losing streaks.

That’s where the Two Foundational Pillars come in


Not having a consistent income stream from trading

Increasing your account only to lose that money & start again

Not knowing when and where to invest and reinvest

Not knowing how to read the market, charts and getting stuck

Then allow me to help you FAST-TRACK your trading skills and income with...

My Intro To Price Action & S-Curves Training For Beginner & Advanced Traders


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